Conditions of use of the site the Régie Schmid SA


Despite the care the Régie Schmid SA takes before publishing information on its website, for it to be relible and actualised, it can be that inexact, obselite or incomplete information be posted, and the Régie Schmid excludes any garanty in regards to this. The information and data published on the internet site can be modified at any time with out prior notice by the Régie Schmid SA. Régie Schmid SA reserves the right to publish on its site information originating from third parties (real estate associations, state departement, etc) indicating for most part it’s origine. In this case it can not garantee the exactitude and punctuality of the information and the fact it publishes it, does not implie that the Régie Schmid SA suscribes to the opininions that could be expressed. The Régie Schmid SA can not garantee that the the site not contain functionnal errors and that the services of the internet site not be interrupted and that these errors be corrected, that the internet site and serveur host not contain a virus or any damagable elements, and assumes no responsobility what so ever to this matter.

Responsibility Exclusion

In no manner what-so-ever, Régie Schmid SA, can be held acomptable for the loss or dammage of any nature, linked to its access, its use and the consultation of the site.

Linked Internet Sites

When use is made of certain internet links present on the Régie Schmid SA site which allow you to leave the site, Régie Schmid SA does not verifie the sites link to it’s own and assumes nor accepts responsibility in regards to the content of these sites or services or an other offered objects by means of these said sites.

Content of the Site

The content of the the site and the esthetics are protected by law on copywrite and of intellectual property. No reproduction of its contente (texts, photos, plans, images, visuals….) is authorised with out express written autorisation from Régie Schmid SA.